Play your way to clean electricity

Soccket brings electricity to developing nations. Soccket is a soccer ball that generates and stores energy while in play. This energy can be used as clean electricity, bringing light to many homes. Currently, many developing nations rely on kerosene lamps to supply light in the evening. These lamps are dangerous, they emit toxic fumes and massive amounts of CO2 per year. Inspired by this problem, the designers of unchartedplay created Soccket, a fun and healthy alternative to the use of kerosene lamps.

The design was inspired both by a universal love of play and of soccer, and by the overwhelming need for sustainable access to electricity. The Soccket empowers its user by giving an excuse for and enabling play while providing a much needed technology.

Thirty minutes of play provides three hours of electricity. Inside the ball is a patented gyroscopic mechanism that captures energy from motion and turns it into electricity. The Soccket has a six-watt power output that can be used to charge a variety of small electronics, such as lamps, cell phones, fans, water sterilizers, speakers and hot plates. The ball is lightweight, highly durable, water resistant and does not require inflation.

At a time when 1 in 4 people lack consistent access to electricity and alternative sources such as Kerosene lamps, diesel generators, and wood burning stoves cause 1.6 million deaths a year, Soccket can do a lot of good, while increasing health and morale in the process.

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